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"Taking Actions" for Somalia and 'unnoticed youth'

Welcome to JSYO

Japan Somalia Youth Organization (JSYO) is the International NGO which established in 2011, based in Tokyo, Nairobi, and Mogadishu, composed of both Japanese and Somali youths and taking actions for solving the various problems of Somalia.


We JSYO will expand our activities to other conflict areas like Nigeria, Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region, Indonesia as "ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL."


In "ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL," we will focus on tackling Terrorism and Conflict Resolution, with especially approaching;

Participation Prevention toward Youth at risk and local communities to prevent their joining into terrorist groups.

Rehabilitation support and Defection acceleration toward detainees and defectors of terrorist groups, and local communities to promote their defection, rehabilitation and reintegration from terrorist groups, and create social atmosphere to accept them.


Toward the launch of "ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL" on 1st April 2017, now we are preparing!


【New Information】

Last Updated: 4th, Feb, 2017 

●11th, Jan, 2017

updated 「Movement with Gangsters

●31st, Dec, 2016

Updated「Team Japan

●31st, Dec, 2016

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◆Latest News

【9th Field Operation :Finished 】

The 9th Field Operation took place for a period of three weeks, starting from August 24th. Read more

【The president elected one out of 30 candidates of global leaders in the world】

Yosuke Nagai, the president and Co-Founder of JSYO, was chosen one out of 30 candidates in the programme, “Kruger Cowne Rising Star Programme in association with Xcor Space Expeditions and One Young World”. Read more

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