Japan Somalia Youth Organization

What is JSYO?

Japan Somalia Youth Organization (JSYO) is composed of Somali youths and Japanese university students. We have the same philosophy "Realization," and take actions for realizing our ideas, "Supporting those who in need" and "Building a relationship between Japan and Somalia."


・Empower "unnoticed youth" such as gangs, pirates, and ex-combatants. 

・Support those who in need, especially for Somalia

・Build a good relationship between Japan and Somalia


JSYO works in program areas of;

・Original DDR process for Somali gangs in Era of Violent Extremism

・Disengagement support for ex-combatants in Somalia

・Peace-building in Somali refugee and immigrants areas

・Youth Empowerment and Youth Conferences

・Scholorship for Youth

・Giving basic knowledge and notice on Somalia for Japanese




 "Realization" ~Notice and Take Action~


1) "Notice" Realization Phase 1 

The act of knowing through "Reality" and not knowing at all through "Indifferent" are mutually exclusive; one is either under the realization or is unenlightened.  

However, the role of Reality heavily influences the state of Indifference. This is because the state of being indifferent quickly vanishes when one is enlightened with the reality. By understanding what is going on, what the problem is, what we can do to solve the problem, and what we as individuals can do to make small changes is the "bread and butter" of eliminating the feeling of indifference. 

The mutual willingness to "Notice" each other’s own reality, by trying to be in the same shoes as them, significantly extends the potential scope of our cooperation capability.


2) "Take Action" Realization Phase 2

"Actions speak louder than words" and that it is often "easier said than done." Regardless of different races, JSYO members share the same goal of supporting those who in need. 

We "Take Actions" in both Japan (events, conferences, and meetings) and Somalia (projects and interactions) which help us with the "Realization" of the reality of the world.


By having these two steps; "Notice" and "Take Action" we can fully visualize what we want and achieve that goal.